Park Chase Press, an imprint of Cathedral Foundation Press, builds on our decades of publishing experience. With Park Chase Press, we continue our mission to bring books to market that celebrate and uplift the human spirit.

Park Chase Press is unique among small publishing houses in that we have two different ways of approaching book publishing. The first is like traditional publishers, in that we solicit and accept works that we want to acquire to publish and market.

Our Cathedral Foundation Press imprint specializes in books with Catholic themes; Park Chase Press focuses on books that embrace the human spirit and uphold the dignity of people in all walks of life. If your book fits one of those categories, wed be glad to consider your proposal.

Our second approach is like some subsidy or vanity publishers with which many authors are familiar. In this approach, we work with authors to produce and publish a book according to their specifications. The author pays for production of the book, and owns all the copies (other than some held back for marketing and sales fulfillment purposes, as negotiated). The author can sell these books through whatever venues they choose. Unlike most self-publishing operations, Park Chase Press assists with design and editing so that the book is as clean and professional as possible.

In either method, Park Chase Press obtains an ISBN number for the book and Library of Congress Control Number information. We also can assist with marketing through Amazon and other such distributors.

Park Chase Press and Cathedral Foundation Press are divisions of The Cathedral Foundation Inc./CR Media, based in Baltimore, Md., since 1914.

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